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Instant Noodles

Create Korean Culinary Culture

Are you looking for an authentic taste of Korean noodles? With our vast portfolio of savory recipes for seasonings & noodles, you can bring the essence of Korean culinary culture to the heart of your project. Contact us today!

Seasonings for Instant Noodle

We can create a new composite taste with our vast portfolio of extract ingredients to meet your need. Check out our current seasoning products for Korean-style instant noodles. 

  • Spicy Seafood (Jjangppong) Seasoning Powder

  • Kimchi Seasoning Powder

  • Spicy Beef (Hot Cup Soup) Seasoning Powder

  • Beef Leg Bone (Sagol) Seasoning Powder

  • and more

Other Seasonings:

  • Dehydrated Vegetables 

Noodle Ingredients

Here are the lists of products to improve Noodle texture and quality during the production process.

  • Green Tea Concentrate (GTC - 500) : A Natural Antioxidant

  • Green Tea Concentrate (GTC - 600) : A Natural Antioxidant (HALAL certified)

  • Vegetable Oil Flavor : Noodle Flavoring Agent

  • Onion Extract : Noodle Flavoring Agent

  • Garlic Extract : Noodle Flavoring Agent

  • Bio Keeper NE : Natural Preservative

  • Super Mix : Noodle Texture Agent

  • Highgel Pro : Noodle Texture Agent

HALAL Certified

With our new invested facilities just for Halal production, all our products can be Halal certified. The product lists below are Halal certified, and we are in the process of getting more soon. Please contact us for more information. 

  • Green Tea Concentrate (GTC - 600)

  • Garlic Powder Flavor

  • Vegetable Oil Flavor