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One-Stop Packaging Solution

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We produce various types of spouted pouches for food and non-food products

Check our sustainable coffee packaging option made from plants not oil

ASTM & CPSC Certified / Low Price & High Quality / Customized Design Print

One-Stop Packaging Solution For Your Business

With over 25 years of experience in flexible packaging, Korpack is recognized as a responsible and trustworthy manufacturer​ supplying high-quality packaging solutions at reasonable prices.


Rollstock Films

For Snacks, Cookies and Crackers 


Rollstock films are ideal for form-fill and seal applications. We offer a wide range of sizes and materials to meet your need upon request. Using the latest technology and production techniques, we ensure high-quality printing as well as longer shelf-life. 

Rollstock Film Applications

  • Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS)

  • Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS)

Rollsock Films

Compostable Coffee Pods

For Single-Serve Coffee


Are you looking for a sustainable packaging solution for your coffee business? Depending on your market situation, recyclable K-cups may be the right choice. But with growing demand for compostable ones, we have created biobased and compostable K-cups.

Recyclable (#5 Plastic)

  • Cup : Polypropylene

  • Filter : Polypropylene


Plant-Based & Compostable ​

  • Cup : Polylactic acid (PLA)

  • Filter : PLA + Raw wood pulp

*All our K-cups are compatible with Keurig 2.0


Coffee & Tea Packaging

For Whole Beans, Ground Coffee & Tea


Flexible packaging is an excellent way to provide a practical solution to appeal to many customers. Our expert can help you find the perfect pouch type for your brand to stand out on retail shelf space while keeping your coffee fresh and flavorful.


  • Stand-up Pouch

  • Side-Gusseted Pouch

  • Flat-Bottom Pouch


  • Customized Printing

  • Degassing Valve

  • Tin Tie

  • Regular Zipper

  • Pocket Zipper

Coffee & Tea Packaging
Bio-Based Kraft Bag (PLA-Liner)
Side view of blank paper bag for tea, co

Kraft Bags + PLA Liner

For Whole Beans, Ground Coffee & Tea


Our Bio-Based Kraft Bag with PLA-liner is a compostable and sustainable packaging that is completely biodegradable by microbial digestion. PLA (Polylactic acid) is a 100% bio-based plastic widely used in packaging applications and is approved for direct contact with food. 


  • Stand-up Pouch

  • Side-Gusseted Pouch

  • Flat-Bottom Pouch


  • Customized Printing

  • Degassing Valve

  • Tin Tie

  • Regular Zipper

  • Euro Slot

High-Barrier Films

For Fresh Meat & Cheese Packaging


Flexible multi-layer co-extruded packaging provides unique protection to the protein products such as fresh meats, processed meats, fish, poultry, and cheese for refrigeration and frozen applications. 


  • for frozen meat

  • for non-frozen fresh meat

  • for cook-in application (EVOH shrink bags)



  • Excellent shape keeping ability

  • Good barrier ability for oxygen and humidity

  • Clear appearance

  • longer shelf-life

Co-extruded films

Retort Pouches

For Prepared Meals


Retort packaging is a unique form of shelf-stable pouches designed for a quick, convenient, ready-to-eat meal option. Because of its lightweight and durability, the retort pouch has become a widely used alternative to traditional rigid tin cans for preserving food. Once retort pouches are heat-treated to achieve commercial sterilization, their high-barrier laminates provide optimal protection from microbial spoilage without losing nutritional value and flavor. 

Retort Pouch Types

  • Standard Retort Pouch : With Aluminum Foil

  • Microwavable Retort Pouch : Without Aluminum Foil

  • Microwavable Auto Ventilation Pouch

*Applications : Shelf-Stable Ready Meals / Nutritional Wet Baby Food / Pastes & Sauces / Wet Cooking Aids / Processed Fruits & Vegetables / Processed Meat & Poultry / Processed Fish & Seafood  / Pet Food Wet (Snacks & Chews) / Foodservice (In Bulk)

Retort Pouches

Spout Pouches

For Chemical & Household Products


Most household products are chemically aggressive. Our engineers can help you find the most suitable structure to protect the integrity of your products and withstand the chemical ingredients over a longer time period. With our excellent sealing strength to withstand bursting & drop testing, we are proud to offer you our custom-engineered pouches that are extremely durable.


  • Laundry detergents & Fabric softeners

  • Kitchen & Bathroom cleaners

  • Insect repellents

  • Handsoaps

  • Engine Oil & Lubricant

Spouted Pouches for Chemicals

Spout Pouches

For Beverages & Granulates


Using flexible packaging for beverages is becoming a trend for being recyclable, easy to store & carry, and cost-effective. Our engineers can help you find the ideal features such as pouch, spout, & handle shapes to meet your brand's needs. Our accessibility to various sizes and types of spouts can help you to find the perfect one. 

Spouted Pouch Applications

  • liquid

  • gels

  • granulates

Spouted Pouches for Beverags
pic_instant noodle.png
pic_instant noodle.png

Instant Noodle Packaging

Cups & Lids

We make various sizes of instant noodle cups and lids with high-quality customized printing. All can be made using single-layer or double-layer papers or plastic sheets in various thicknesses.


  • Single Layer Paper Cup (Printed virgin pulp paper)

  • Double Layer Paper Cup (Printed SC manila paper + Pulp paper

  • Double Layer Plastic Cup (Printed SC manila paper + PP)



  • Lid Shape: Round or Rectangular

  • Customize printed lids: (Easy Peel) for PP or Paper Cup

  • Drain Option: Punching by plastic fork or chopsticks



  • Seasonings & Noodle Ingredients

Instant Noodle Packaing

Child-Proof Packaging

For Pharmaceutical Industry

Our child-proof zipper bags are certified by ASTM D3475 and CPSC standards for your dispensary as well as pharmaceutical industry needs. Our innovative and durable child-resistant zipper bags are available at the lowest price in the market.

Child-Resistant Zipper Bag

  • ​Customized Printing

  • Reclosable

  • Difficult for children under 5 years of age to open

  • Smell-prof once the zipper is closed

  • Conform to the requirements for Poison Prevention Package (16 CFR Title 16 Part 1700.20)

Child-Proof Packging
Pet Food Packaging

Pet Food Packaging

For Wet & Dry Food

The pet food packaging method has been moving from the traditional tin cans to flexible packaging, which is more convenient to use and store. We have developed various options for different types of pet foods and treats, and we can help you create the ideal packaging for your need. 

With the increasing demand for wet pet food & treats, our high-barrier packaging can be a perfect solution. We also provide a reclosable zipper pouch withstand during the retort process, allowing unused wet food or treats to be conveniently stored.


  • Stand-up Pouch

  • Side-Gusseted Pouch

  • Flat-Bottom Pouch


  • Customized Printing

  • Degassing Valve

  • Tin Tie

  • Regular Zipper

  • Euro Slot

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