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One-Stop Packaging Solution


Retort Pouch

Alternative Solution To Traditional Rigid Packaging

Retort packaging is a unique form of shelf-stable pouches designed for a quick, convenient, ready-to-eat meal option. Because of its lightweight and durability, the retort pouch has become a widely used alternative to traditional rigid tin cans for preserving food. Once retort pouches are heat-treated to achieve commercial sterilization, their high-barrier laminates provide optimal protection from microbial spoilage without losing nutritional value and flavor.


True Heroes of Ready-To Eat Food Packaging Solution

Our stand-up pouches are suitable for hot-fill applications and sterilization for a variety of your ready-to eat food products

Heat-Resistant Pouch

Shelf-Stable Pouches For Your Food Business
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What is Retort Packaging?

The heat-resistant food pouch is put into the boiling water and cooked at temperature up to 120~130 degrees Celsius for 30~40 minutes to sterilize the product. This process protects the food from oxygen and bacteria, and the food can be stored at room temperature and remain safe to eat for about one to two years.


Shelf-Stable Ready Meals

Nutritional Wet Baby Food

Pastes & Sauces

Wet Cooking Aids

Processed Fruits & Vegetables

Processed Fish & Seafood

Pet Food (Wet)

Food Service (in Bulk)

Pouch Style Options

Stand-Up Pouch

Flat Pouch (3-Side-Seal)

Rollstock (Form-Fill-Seal)

*Appearance : Clear / Opaque / Customized Print

*Pouch Feature : Tear Notch / Zipper / Rounded Edge / Euro Slot / Customized Shape

Depending on your food type and production process, we will help you to find the most suitable retort pouch type that can withstand your required heat-treating process as well as barrier property.
Retort Pouch
With Aluminum Foil

Polyester (PET)

Outside Layer

Aluminum Foil (AL)

Barrier Layer

Nylon (NY)

Abrasion Resistance

Polypropylene (PP)

Inside Fodo Contact Layer

Retort Pouch
Without Aluminum Foil

High Barrier Polyester (PET)

Outside Layer

No Aluminum Foil (AL)

Unnecessary With High Barrier Layer

Nylon (NY)

Abrasion Resistance

Polypropylene (PP)

Inside Fodo Contact Layer

Auto Ventilation
Retort Pouch
Microwavable Retort Pouch
Auto-Vent Pouch.png

Auto Ventilation Pouch offers a quick and easy way to reheat foods in the microwave without tearing the pouch. It is perfect for prepared meals, sauces, and frozen food products. It consists of a discharge valve and steam regulator to break open yet to control the total amount of steam in the pouch to minimize moisture loss during cooking in the microwave. With its steam-pressured cooking method, foods are more nutritious and delicious!

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